Design Portfolio

As an Interactive Designer, my work explores how to make information available in attractive and seamless formats.

Shopify Modification + Plugin Integration

The project involved modifying a Shopify plugin to create triple expanding accordion menus. The need was met by collaborating with specialized developers and project managing the output through providing briefs, wire framing the problem, solution, and desired outcome, and vetting various developers across a matrix of needs.

Fully Interactive Custom Map

The goal of this project was to provide an easily digestible and easy way for customers to the brand site to explore the brands listed on the website. The solution was to map the brands on an interactive map. Each icon can be clicked to take the user to the brand’s specific listings.

Outfit Explorer

The goal of this project was to provide an interactive way for potential customers to the ethical clothing website,, to learn about the hidden animal materials in their clothing. This project was achieved using JavaScript. The buttons direct user to the website to shop for alternatives in each product category, and to a Vegan Shopping Guide to further explore the materials and how to shop vegan.

Fully Responsive Design Using Wordpress

For this project, a fully responsive website was achieved built on the Wordpress backend. The site was independently built and independently hosted. As the screen is resized, the content stacks accordingly in order to achieve maximum legibility. This reflects the way that the site is viewed across devices, ensuring that the website is equally as accessible on a desktop computer, tablet, or phone screen.

Vegan Shopping Guide

This project yielded a 68-page full color book that was digitally published for the ethical clothing brand The information was independently written and the layout was done using the industry standard Adobe publishing software, inDesign. The publication was published through Adobe and the popular digital magazine site issuu, and is fully accessible across devices.

Fully Branded + Customized Website Using Squarespace

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.51.55 PM.png

The purpose of this project was to build a website for clients for the ethical shopping brand that reflects the branding of the company. To achieve the goal, a custom prismatic background was created using the industry standard Adobe design software, Photoshop. The website is built on the Squarespace platform and resulted in an invitation to join Squarespace’s elite designer network, Circle.

Branded Sharable Company Info Document


The purpose of this project was to create a printable and sharable file for client brands for the vegan shopping site This was achieved through collaborating with designers and providing design briefs and guidance, as well as managing the project through to completion.

Phone Application for a Humane Smart Mousetrap


The purpose of this project was to create an app for a humane Wifi enabled smart mousetrap. The intended use for the app is as a companion software for a product. The design was done using the industry standard Figma web based software. This project also included doing complete branding work and logo design. The fully functional interactive design prototype can be access through Figma here.

Animal Centered App

This fun phone application was built as a concept piece. The purpose was to create an easy and fast way to help dog patents determine if the weather made it appropriate for their dogs to wear booties outside or not. This project was designed using the industry standard interactive design softwares Sketch, Craft, and inVision. The deliverable includes a monetization strategy by which the app could potentially yield revenue.

Online Advertising Campaign

The purpose of this project was to craft an online advertising campaign for the vegan shopping website, The goal of the campaign was to create inbound traffic using a friendly, approachable aesthetic consistent with the brand. The campaign was designed through GoogleAdWords and set up for monitoring using GoogleAnalytics.

Informational Video

This video was crafted for the 2017 Best of Vegan Awards. Music was selected, and the graphics were choreographed to be in time with the transitions of the music. The end result is a sharable information video of the award series.