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Web & Digital Presence

  • buying a website domain (
  • setting up email accounts (
  • setting up a website (clean, easy to edit, simple or complex)
  • setting up social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN, etc)
  • training on social media accounts and content (what to post when)
  • syncing social media accounts (to minimize work and maximize impact)
  • digital integration (tying everything together so that things talk to each other)
  • email newsletter setup

For Restaurants

  • organic certification (how to do it, how much it costs, which certification is right for you, helping set up the processes for certification, making the connections with the certifying agency, walking you through the process)
  • sustainable food systems (sourcing locally and sustainably, minimizing waste, implementing recycling and composting, reducing carbon footprint)
  • making your menu vegan/vegetarian friendly (using ingredients already on the menu to craft new items, pulling out items for a vegan menu, reworking the menu to mark vegan/vegetarian items, training staff on how to serve vegan/vegetarian customers, advertising to vegans and vegetarians)
  • REAL Food certification (what it is and how it can help you market to health-conscious customers, getting you ready for certification, making the connections for certification)