What I'm Reading: Tools of Titans

This is a great book for an entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to maximize themselves and find deeper purpose in life. I picked up this book after finding it lying around during the holiday's at my partner's mom's house, and I couldn't stop reading it. It's organized into three sections: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. The sections are collections of chapters. Each chapter is a brief Q&A interview with a person. While I skipped the first section for the most part (it's all about how to become an ultra athlete and how to lose body fat, pretty much), I really enjoyed the rest of the book. In Wealthy, the best advice I found was for how to achieve a work-life balance. In Wise, I learned about how I could infuse more meaning and intention into my life. Overall, this was a great read for creating New Year's Resolutions. I have given this book as a gift to fellow entrepreneurs.

Source: https://toolsoftitans.com/