FoundersWire Female Founder of the Week

A few weeks ago I blogged about the difficulties of being a woman entrepreneur trying to raise money in a piece called I'm Standing Up. It's difficult to be an entrepreneur. It's even more difficult to be a woman entrepreneur. I've literally been in meetings pitching Unicorn Goods to people, all older men, who have told me that they need to consult their niece or wife to ask them if Unicorn Goods was investable. It could be because the logo is pink. It could be because "unicorn" is in the name. It could be because it's not a good idea. It could also be because I'm a minority in a male-dominated industry controlled by men. I've gone out of my way to seek support from like-minded entrepreneurs and female founders. I'm particularly excited about FoundersWire, and I'm honored to be their current Female Founder of the Week.

FoundersWire is doing an amazing job promoting female founders in the Boston area. Creator Shelagh Braley was one of the first women to go through MassChallenge. She has built a media company around supporting and uplifting women entrepreneurs. Shelagh gets how important media is to the funding game. People can't fund you if they don't know about you, and getting featured gives founders and companies publicity and legitimacy to potential investors. 

Women need to raise their profiles in order for the Boston startup scene to reach gender parity. If you haven't subscribed to their email newsletter or checked out their site, be sure to do so.