What I'm Reading: The Everything Store

This well-balanced look at the story of Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos provides wonderful insight into how a tenacious and unrelenting leader can push an idea forward in the face of countless setbacks in old markets. Amazon, by innovating in the traditional and stale retail industry, shook things up big time. My favorite lesson is on frugality, which is one of Amazon's leadership principles: "FRUGALITY. We try not to spend money on things that don't matter to customers. Frugality breeds resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention. There are no extra points for head count, budget size, or fixed expense." This comes through in the iconic Amazon door desks, which I used in my first startup as a cheap way to create desks and which Amazon still uses to this day in its offices. I recommend this for any entrepreneur with big ideas starting small with no budget.